Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Yeast Infection Benefits Of Folic Acid On Public Health

Benefits frolic acid to public health: A recent study showed conducted by researchers at the University of "Washington" in "Seattle" that frolic acid is not limited usefulness to a pregnant woman only or want to have children, but to pregnant women only, permeated its usefulness to humans in general. benefits of frolic acid for pregnant women: In the case of pregnancy, frolic acid deficiency leads to the occurrence of risk to the health of the mother, where the mother consumes embryo inventory of frolic acid, so the presence of a sufficient amount of frolic acid in a woman's body before pregnancy, it can help prevent major birth defects that affect a child's brain baby and his spine.

These birth defects called neural tube defects, or that the T-DD neural tube defects "Nods". So women need to take frolic acid every day, and even in the period before pregnancy, to help prevent the T-DD Nods. frolic acid also helps control homo cytosine levels in the blood. High levels of homo cytosine in the blood can lead to many diseases such as heart disease, where frolic acid is the most important varieties of vitamin B to reduce the levels of homo cysteine. I've been linked to diseases such as coronary artery disease and disease peripheral vascular disease lack of frolic acid.

Felic acid therapeutic uses frolic acid to treat the following cases: - prevent birth defects - depression-inflammation of the gums  - the concentration of homo cysteine higher (in combination with vitamin B-6 and vitamin B-12 ) - Pap smear (uniquely)  - support after birth and pregnancy  - schizophrenia - frolic acid protects against cancers of the larynx - Reduces frolic acid from infection congenital anomalies of the fetus in other organs such as heart abnormalities, kidney, lips and throat cleft.

As that frolic acid plays role is very important in the production of red blood cells and raise the hemoglobin is very important for everyone in maintaining health.

Dangerous lack of frolic acid: frolic acid deficiency diets lead to heart attacks and stroke, ranging from 30 to 40%, and therefore recommends that researchers need to add to some of the foods that people eat every day, such as flour and grain in general and also in green leafy vegetables such as lettuce and spinach and fruits like apples and oranges as already mentioned, or can be obtained in tablets where A body needs per day to 400 micrograms of frolic acid.

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